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JConcepts introduces Silent Speed pinion gears for 48 pitch applications. The heart of any RC vehicle is the transmission, at the top of the transmission lies the spur gear; an integral part of racing performance, the part that drives it all, the 48P pinion gear. Designed with several key aspects in focus, JConcepts introduces the Silent Speed line of gears for 48 pitch racing performance.

Pinion gears or straight-cut gears are some of the simplest forms of gears. However, they directly influence the ratio, speed and sound of RC vehicles and they are extremely important. These gears when meshed together correctly provide the transfer of power from the motor to the transmission and are one of the key elements in the versatility and sound of the vehicle. The gear includes a durable 3mm set screw which uses a 1.5mm hex wrench.

Silent Speed pinion gears precision machined in aluminum and are very concentric giving the user a consistent gear mesh allowing a more precise adjustment and more "silence" on the race track. The detailed machining and laser engraving provide a great option to have in the pinion caddy when appearing at any event. The gears are marked for size and pitch so they are identifiable on or off the vehicle. Silent Speed pinion gears are also branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.

Jconcepts 48P Machined Aluminum Pinion Gear

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