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These are the revolutionary suspension arms used in the M-05 Ver. II PRO Chassis Kit. They can be used to replace worn or broken parts in your original M0-5 Ver. II Pro, or they can be used to update the version 1 kit to Version 2 specification. • One-piece parts offer greater rigidity and better handling when compared to the standard 2-piece M-Chassis parts. • When used with Item 54605 (chassis parts), it allows simple adjustment of rebound stroke via the droop screw on the suspension arm itself. • Compatible with M-05 Ver. II PRO, M-05* and M-06* Chassis. • Note: M-05 Version 1 and M-06 chassis platforms require parts modification (explained on the 54606 instruction sheet)

M-05 VER II 1PC SUS ARMS #54606

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