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Pin Downs feature a medium pin spike type tread, which is directional for added performance and stability. The bottom of the pins have a heavy radius which allow the pins to wear more consistently and not tear or rip off the carcass prematurely. The Pin Downs work best on Carpet and Astroturf tracks where typically a small pin tire is working.
The rear tires include grey, open cell inserts making them a complete set ready for mounting straight out of the package.
The pink compound marked with 2 pink dots on the tire represents a new compound for JConcepts, a medium soft material with good wear characteristics.
Fits - 2.2" buggy rear wheel
For shallow carpet surface or broken in Astroturf.

Pin Downs 1/10 Buggy Rear Tire, Pink Compound, Medium Soft, #JCO3136010

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