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This set of 4 high-grade TRF front/rear racing dampers have damper cylinders that feature a newly developed black-colored fluorine coating for even less friction than previous damper cylinder coatings. Efficiency is further increased by utilizing titanium-coated piston rods for smoother travel, while damper cap, O-ring cap, and spring retainer are all in striking Tamiya blue to provide vivid chassis highlights. Includes white-colored medium suspension springs.


  • These dampers feature a hard cylinder interior coating even more advanced than that on Item 53571 TRF Dampers (Fluorine Coated).
  • This coating on the heat-treated surface enables over 14% less static and kinetic friction values.
  • Cylinder cap, spring adjuster and O-ring cap parts have a blue anodized finish.
  • Compatible Chassis: Most on-road touring car chassis (TT-01, TA05, TB-02, TB-Evo.V, TRF415,

RC TRF Special Damper Set of 4 #42102

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