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fits Team Associated B74.2 / B74.2D

The S15 body for the B74.2 / B74.2D is everything you've come to expect from JConcepts. With successful designs coming from the Punisher, Finnisher, and Silencer line, the JConcepts crew made the decision, it was time for the S15. The single side window design is a departure from the usual JC team body shells but drops in nicely on the S15. Driving the S15, it performs like a champion, albeit slightly different than its predecessors, the delicate nature of the shell allows the driver to flow, drive smoothly, and radius difficult corners without over aggression.

This item follows the chassis shape like a glove and the tidy arrangement is free of unwanted gaps. The center line roof fin helps the body stand up to rigorous demands of crashes and off-track excursions and while on the track, provides straight line tracking ability. The top of the side pod rolls into the rear end section helping with the force placed just in front of the rear tires. Just behind the cab, there is a trim-able section dedicated to rear escape of hot air and inner shell build up.

The back of the body has a climbing spoiler shape that uses the rear of the body to increase rear downforce. As always, the body arrives with window mask, decal sheet, two of the latest Carpet / Turf / Dirt wings for a quick transition from preparation to racing.


  • Original JConcepts S15 styling
  • Compressed cab, single cockpit layout
  • Cab fin with rear extension for tracking ability
  • Sidepod winglets for mid-force performance
  • Climbing rear spoiler for increased rear downforce
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed decal sheet
  • Two, Carpet / Turf / Dirt rear wings

S15 - B74.2 Body, with Carpet / Turf / Dirt Wing #JCO0601

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