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Be Seamlessly Perfect For Your Next Race !

Finally, SkyRC introduces the lightweight Rubber Tyre Sander to our seasoned racing drivers.
To remove the seam from the centre of a new tire, RTS001 is a quick and effortless alternative to skip taking 2-3 laps around the track.

Compact & Portable
7.2V-12V DC Input
Powerful DC motor

Watch your Tyre
When it comes to RC racing, so many factors can contribute to the handling and performance of the vehicle.
But one thing we usually pass on is the most obvious on the tyres. When looking at a brand-new touring car tire, you’ll see a molding line running right down the center. This line is called the seam, which can cause the car to have inconsistent handling. If you’re looking for every ounce of performance, this seam needs to be removed, so your car is 100% awesome right off the bat!
After removing this seam, most RC touring cars will benefit from a slightly wider and more static tire grip on the track surface, benefiting the turns and reducing rollovers.

Re-engineered With Passion
In an incredibly compact aluminum enclosure, this Tyre Sander is high-precision mechanically upgraded with double bearings.
This pure copper-winding motor can drastically reduce vibration, bringing smooth and quiet operation.

- Easy to use
- Rubber tyre sander for touring class
- Quiet operation
- 7.2V - 12V DC Input
- Powerful high torque DC motor with dual bearings
- Lightweight aluminum case

Compact & Portable
The compact, ultra-lightweight design is easy to carry, can be used with one hand.

7.2V - 12V DC Input:
Universal Voltage to RC Players
The sander can be powered by an adjustable 12V power supply or a 2S LiPo battery in the RC field.
In some scenarios, you can switch the polarity to get the motor to rotate in different directions.

Size and Weight

Dimension: 138x73x70mm

Other Parameters

Case Material: Aluminum
Input Voltage: DC 7.2V-12V
Weight: 581g


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