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Oil-filled sealed gear diffs have become a standard tuning part for many of Tamiya's performance race cars. This TT-02 version can be used on any of Tamiya's TT-02 chassis variants to further improve the cars tuning options.

Oil-filled gear diffs offer the user to add different viscosity silicone oils into the differential gears housing in order to change the rate of speed in which the differential gears rotate. The rate of rotation can be tuned depending on the track surface traction level. Lighter oils are advised in loose track conditions, whereas high traction conditions favor heavier oils.

Compatible Chassis:
TT-02*1, TT-02B, TT-02RR, TT-02 Type-S, TT-02T, TT-02D*2 & TT-02D*2 Type-S Chassis
*1Use with Item 53792 Assembly Universal Shaft (TT-01, TA04). *2Use with Item 53791 DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft.


  • Includes #3000 silicone oil in this product.
  • Other viscosities are available from Tamiya (Item 54294, Item 54418, Item 54419 and Item 54656.)

TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit #54875

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